Zoom with a View | Webinar Etiquette for Interior Designers – Part 2 (of 3)

A Guide to Webinar Etiquette

Welcome back to the second in my three-part mini-series where I share my advice and experiences of online meetings and webinars to inspire good practice and avoid the pitfalls.


Now we have all seen the video about the chap who uploaded a placard of himself in front of the camera, only to have it fall over and reveal himself relaxing in a hammock beer in hand. (Not sure he’ll be nominated for any work awards any time soon.)  And that was one of the tamer Zoom gaffs that have been circulating the internet!


I have often been rather cynical when contestants on Big Brother said that they forgot the cameras are there:  you think…how could they?  But as more and more people have been working remotely, so we have had to get used to allowing the camera into our homes, and we too are becoming increasingly ‘forgetful’ about its presence and what it ‘sees’.  The saying ‘the camera never lies’ couldn’t be more relevant at the moment.


Webinar Tip 2 – Don’t forget to eat beforehand to ensure optimal concentration.


So, here are a couple of primary Don’ts when it comes to being in a Webinar or Virtual Meeting that should help create the right first impression for you as an Interior Designer and avoid becoming the next social media sensation for all the wrong reasons!


What NOT to Do During a Webinar or Virtual Meeting


1 – Just because this is a webinar and not a face-to-face meeting, don’t replace professionalism with comfort. So, men, put that shirt on. Ladies, brush your hair and cover up that bikini. (Even if you are working on a laptop in Barbados!)  Everyone… it’s important to remember that as we move forward into this digital online age of video calls, the camera is going to be the FIRST thing that represents you to the rest of the world.

So just think… am I putting my best foot forward here?  Dress for a client meeting!


2 – Don’t forget to EAT beforehand. You will be able to concentrate and better absorb the contents of the webinar.


3 – Don’t be late.


4 – Do NOT, whatever you do…. attempt to attend a webinar while driving. ‘Nuff said! (And yes, I’ve actually seen this happen)


5 – Don’t put a cheeky private message in a webinar chat; you might regret it.


6 – Don’t forget to mute yourself when not speaking. You can unmute yourself by holding down the SPACE bar.  Nobody wants to hear you shrieking at the kids why they can’t have another chocolate biscuit for breakfast!


7 – Don’t be late.


8 – Whatever you do, don’t forget that your camera on your smartphone/tablet / laptop is on and then take it on an adventure to the loo with you.


9 – Don’t discount the importance of good lighting, a decent backdrop, and camera angles.


10 – Avoid multi-tasking during the zoom webinar or meeting. It’s rather rude and just shows that you are not really valuing the host’s time. Plus, it’s distracting for the host who can see you making that 10-minute phone call.


11 – Don’t expect the host to be able to show you how to use Zoom. That’s not what they are there for so go on Google or YouTube and educate yourself!


12 – Don’t be late… have I mentioned that?



So, with this advice ringing in your ears, in our third and final part of this mini-series, we will be looking at what you need to do when you are the host of the webinar or meeting.  Look out for this blog next week, Zoom with a View Part 3 for more advice and top tips.


And if you missed out on last week’s Blog Post on 10 Tips for when YOU are ATTENDING a Webinar or Virtual Meeting, then you can catch up here.


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