Image Courtesy of Casey & Fox Ltd

The Founder : Siobhan Casey

How I got started…

Siobhan Casey

My first experiences in the design world were in project administration in architecture.  I hit my peak with the international architectural firm KPF, organising the large team working on the new Abu-Dhabi International Airport, honing my skills to a keen professional edge.  However, I couldn’t escape the fact that my creativity just wasn’t getting an outing, so I signed up for the Diploma course in Interior Design at the KLC School of Design.

Fired up by the high pressure and rapid pace of the course, I discovered a genuine flare for design. That, combined with the real-world toughness and dedication learned from working on live design projects, helped me through the challenging course.  With more than a little relief, I graduated in April 2010. To my surprise, I received the accolade of the ‘KLC Personal Achievement Award’.


Impatient to begin real work, I went out interning in the tough recession-hit economy. I was lucky enough to gain experience at several high-profile London Interior Design firms such as Helen Green, Johanna Wood and David Carter.  That gave me just enough experience and confidence go out freelancing, gaining even more invaluable practical design experience. However. it soon became clear that forming my own company was the inevitable, if somewhat daunting, choice.



And so was born….

Casey & Fox, my own interior design company, in late 2011….. and then the real work started!  Becoming successfully qualified as an Interior Designer didn’t necessarily hand me real-world business skills. So many things to think about in terms of finance, branding, websites, portfolio’s, equipment, software etc.


Needing support, I turned to my collage networking group. We had previously called ourselves Nash after the KLC class where I met most of the founding members.   The diverse experience of my former classmates, all from differing business backgrounds and non-design careers, was a wealth of knowledge. We were soon leveraging that wealth, supporting all of us in our design endeavours. Subsequently, over the past 8 years and mostly through Word-of-Mouth, our group has grown into Metier Rendezvous.


Where am I now?

Many years later, Casey & Fox and I have been through a lot, working on diverse projects, locations and budgets and still learning at an incredible pace.  I love what I do and remain thrilled to be working in design. I’m still continually inspired by space, art, light and wonderful clients.  Simultaneously, I’m so happy in knowing that Metier Rendezvous is growing right alongside me, remaining an inexhaustible source of strength and support.