About Metier Rendezvous

Hi and welcome!


You have probably found your way to the Metier Rendezvous website because you have recently changed careers into Interior Design. Or perhaps you have completed ID studies and you are not sure what to do next. Alternatively, you might have been in Interior Design for some time. Perhaps you are seeking ideas about new avenues to gain clients. Or perhaps you are wondering about what it might be like to collaborate / work with other designers.

For those of you looking for any of those things, or just a breath of fresh design air – you have come to the right place!


Who is Metier Rendezvous?

Metier Rendezvous is a friendly informal peer support network for Interior Designers and Architects.  The group started off with my college mates from KLC.  We all got on really well together during the course, and used to meet up and have post-mortem chats after each course deadline. After graduation in 2010, we remained close and were all going through similar experiences in trying to get a job or even an internship in the middle of the recession.


Meiter Workshop

I really wanted the group to keep in touch. I believed that with shared knowledge and experiences, we would be in a stronger position as professional designers.  There was only one thing for it – I volunteered to organise a quarterly get-together where we would discuss everything – CV’s, internships, great suppliers, the job market, PR and so on.


Since that start, the group has grown year-on-year into an established network. We continue to expand with new members primarily through word-of-mouth and so on. We’re a well-rounded bunch from recent graduates to seasoned professionals. Most importantly, we are all passionate about design and looking to support and encourage each other in the business of design.


How can this help me?

Metier Rendezvous Brunch Event

We meet up 6 times a year over networking brunch event on a Saturday morning. We found that this suited most folks who had to travel from out of London / had kids / worked during the week etc. Our sessions are relaxed and informal and everyone is very friendly.


I’ve established a members-only area on this Metier Rendezvous website, where we schedule the regular group meetings and other events.  We also maintain a database of 1800+ suppliers who the Metier Members have thought were brilliant enough to share. After all, if a supplier is that good, we’re all keen for them to stay in business. Hence we are happy to recommend them.


So, if you’re interested in finding out more about our network support group for designers, please drop us a line, and perhaps we can catch-up over a coffee.


Siobhan Casey – Founder, Metier Rendezvous