SleepingGiant Consulting | Proven Business Coach for the Interior Design Industry

Metier Affiliate Spotlight | Introducing SleepingGiant Consulting and the ultra-efficient Karen Fugle, business coach to Interior Designers and Architects.


How I met Karen…

Karen Fugle of SleepingGiant Consultancy and I met over a decade ago when she and I were both fortunate enough to work with the internationally renowned architectural firm KPF in London. Karen was the CAD Manager, whipping a company of  350+ architects into following correct CAD standards and I was newly appointed Project Administrator for the Abu Dhabi Airport project.


We hit it off as we are both very much straight-talking females in demanding positions and could identify with the ongoing attempt to “herd kittens” into following company policies and procedures.


Fast forward to 2019

… and we are both in very different positions, having grown into our ideal roles.  I am now an Interior Designer and Karen as a successful Executive Coach / owner of SleepingGiant Consultancy.


SleepingGiant Consulting | Karen Fugle


SleepingGiant Consulting

In this week’s ‘Affliate Spotlight’ is SleepingGiant, a consultancy service founded and run by Karen Fugle. Karen works with Architects, Interior Designers and their organisations to accelerate personal, professional and organisational performance. In addition, you will be able to watch a short 2 min video about Karen and find out more about how her services might be beneficial to you.


Having worked in the architectural sector for over 20 years, Karen’s knowledge and understanding of this sector are extensive. Consequently, Karen can definitely relate to the motivations and challenges faced by Interior Designers.


To sum up, whether you need a confidence boost, a helping hand in planning out your career goals, or organisational assistance, Karen is the woman to contact!

SleepingGiant Consulting | Using a goal wheel to track monthly business progress


Using a combination of listening, questioning, observation and feedback, Karen can help to create a conversation about your business overflowing with insight. As a result, each session will leave you walking away as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  Furthermore, you might even achieve a completely new and fresh outlook towards the days, weeks and months ahead.

SleepingGiant Consulting | using LEGO to think about business stakeholder relationships


Karen works alongside Designers to plan their strategies and goals, which may span both personal or professional life, in order to improve their confidence and decision-making ability. This is a bespoke service, tailored to your specific requirements and business needs.


SleepingGiant Consulting | coaching a group of Interior Designers


Karen’s clients range from solopreneurs to Designers working in large companies, Karen has a wealth of experience which is applicable and relatable to many of us.


Karen offers a free, no-obligation chat (this can be in-person, over the phone or via Skype). In this initial session, Designers can discuss their challenges, discover more about what professional executive coaching can offer them and decide whether it will be beneficial for them and their design business.



Karen’s services include:

  • 1:1 executive coaching (face to face or via Skype)
  • Small group coaching. (3-4 designers who wish to use each other as a resource for learning in a facilitated and confidential environment)
  • Workshops: LEGO Serious Play, Business Model Canvas, Resiliency, Values


Metier Affiliate Special Offer to Metier Members:

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Instagram: sleepinggiant_karen

Case studies on how Karen has worked with both Architects & Interior Designers:


Therefore, if you are keen to look at improving your processes, and reaching new heights in your personal and business development, book a consultation with Karen today!


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