Métier Member Story – Cinzia Moretti of Moretti Interior Design

Have you met Métier Member Cinzia Moretti…?


This weeks Métier Member story follows Cinzia Moretti, founder of Moretti Interior Design, which was established in 2007. Having trained at Open University in Design and Innovation and JJA Interior Design Academy.

Cinzia has previously worked with a number of residential clients and prior to running her own interior design company, was a ballet dancer in the London’s West End. Today Cinzia’s aim is to help clients create their dream home. Read on to find out more about Cinzia’s experience, advice and top tips!


Métier Member Cinzia Moretti

Cinzia Moretti


1. How different was your life/career before you set up Moretti Interior Design?

My life has changed dramatically since I set up my own company. Many years ago I was a ballet dancer in the London’s West End. So it was a completely different background, although very artistic and offered me a good training on how to manage people and work under pressure. However, it did not give me experience on how to actually run a business. My passion was designing and creating lovely spaces, but no one really prepares you for the difficulties of dealing with your own business.


2. Thinking back to long before you began your studies, what would you describe as your earliest memory of interior design and what inspired you to launch your own design firm? 

When I was 23 I bought my first house in Kent and designed the interiors. Within a couple of years and without even realizing it, I had already bought, refurbished and sold three houses. This experience then pushed me to go then to study interior design. I never thought I would set up my own interior design firm however that all changed when I was approached by my first client to design two bathrooms in 2007. I was still studying at this time, so I had to set my company very quickly! Following this I have been very lucky and have never stopped designing. I now run my studio along with my husband Michele, who is a lighting designer.



3. What do you think has been your biggest business obstacle or hurdle or business fear to date?

I think the biggest fear was going into business with my husband, as neither of us knew if it would work. We both have strong personalities and I was apprehensive that working and living together 24/7 may have caused tension. As matter of fact, it has worked out perfectly and our personal skills and expertise really complement each other, so taking the risk has been a great success. So I have to say that my fear has turned into an advantage.

Métier Member Cinzia Moretti of Moretti Interiors

Moretti Interior Design


4. Knowing that sometimes the lines blur between balancing a work life and personal life – What are your own non-negotiables that you stick to in your business and home life? 

The line balancing your work life and your personal life is really difficult. Now my own non-negotiable is not to talk about work at home during the working week to ensure that we dedicate all our energy and time to our son. The same goes for the weekends, as they are precious. My clients know we need the weekend to relax. So no work in the evenings and weekends is necessary for my balance.


Métier Member Cinzia Moretti of Moretti Interiors

Moretti Interior Design


5. What were the 3 things that happened in your life that made you realise you wanted to run your own business?


1) At one point I free-lanced for big interior designer based in Chiswick, he then left London for a large project in Cairo. He taught me a lot, so when he left London I thought it was time for me to go it alone and run my own business.

2) The birth of my son pushed me to run my own business, as I needed to be more flexible.

3) I like dealing directly with the clients and guide them through the design so I needed to be the person in charge to do that!



Métier Member Cinzia Moretti of Moretti Interiors

Moretti Interior Design


6. How would you describe your own design/signature style?

My style is contemporary and we work a lot with modern home extensions, but to be honest when I design is about the client’s style and I try to express their ideas into reality. I have been asked to design Country, Nordic, Traditional and Modern styles. I believe that the ability of a designer is to be able to interpret the best style that suits the client and the property.



Métier Member Cinzia Moretti of Moretti Interiors

Moretti Interior Design


7. When thinking about your favourite projects over the years, how would you describe your favourite clients to work with?

I have been really fortunate and I had such lovely clients over the years, with whom I am still in touch and working on new projects with them. My favourite client is the client who loves the design and who is not scared to try and go outside their comfort zones. Sometimes we do not know what we like until is in front of our eyes. So clients who are able to be open-minded, are always great to work with.



8. Looking forward into the next 3 years, what do you believe is next for Moretti Interior Design? 

We have some exciting ideas for our company for the next couple of years and from January 2018 there are going to be quite a few changes. I am very lucky to have some valuable people working with me, so I am confident we will see great things happening.


Métier Member Cinzia Moretti of Moretti Interiors

Moretti Interior Design


9. If you won the lottery last week, looking at your own home right now – which room would you would redesign? And what favourite long-wished-for item of furniture would you purchase first?

If I won the lottery I would re-design my living room, as my long wished for item would be lighting by Serge Mouille, as I love their iconic style. I think that would be one of the first items I would put in the design scheme!



10. When you are in creative mode putting together ideas for your client – where do you like to take your inspiration from? 

I usually like to take inspiration from Nature and also I like looking at the exterior of the house and the area to see what has inspired my client to buy that particular property and take the best out of that!



11. Why did you decide to become a Métier Rendezvous member? 

I thought becoming a Métier Member was a great idea. I believe that in this field you need to collaborate, share our problems and solutions.


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