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How I met Matt…


Matt Turner of Astute Property Search and I met many years ago when we were introduced through mutual design friend and colleague Helene Dabrowski.  It was clear right from the start that Matt has a great understanding of the property market as a whole, but particularly in London. I even introduced to Matt some close friends, who had been hunting for a home in Wimbledon for years, and with his savvy suggestions and negotiations, they were in their new home in no time at all.


Hélène and I even did a radio interview/broadcast with Matt back in 2017 which was enormous fun.  You can have a listen here.


Fast forward to 2019 and we are both still in regular contact, exchanging design & property tips back and forth. Matt having now cemented himself firmly into the London property market and having grown his wonderful family by 2.


This year has also seen Matt be included in The Prime Resi Top 50 buying agents for the second year running: there are 735 registered buying agents in the UK, so to achieve top 50 and stay there is no mean feat!

Astute Property Search | Matt Turner
Astute Property Search | Matt Turner


What is Astute Property Search?

In this week’s ‘Affiliate Spotlight’ is Matt Turner, founder of Astute Property Search, who aims to take the stress out of property-hunting in the Capital and surrounding Home Counties.


Matt wants to bring the fun back into property-hunting, in a market where quite often we don’t even know where to begin! Matt, who has been working in the industry for 19 years, can provide expert advice on where to buy, what the likely rental yield will be and forecast the return on the investment.


Describing himself as a ‘personal shopper for property’, Matt’s approach is professional, independent and above all client-centred.   Not only will he save you and your clients time, money and stress, his personal service will help you feel involved in, but not overwhelmed by, the whole or process?. Matt recognises that each property search is unique and tailored to your requirements – he works willingly to help you find the ideal property.


Astute Property Search | discussing locations, styles and budget
Astute Property Search | discussing locations, styles and budget


Matt can take control of the negotiations and oversee the often time-consuming and lengthy legal process involved in buying property in London. As is so often the case, it’s best to leave it to the experts rather than attempting to interpret all the legal jargon!


With experience in property all over the world, including Dubai and France, Matt is certainly no stranger to the property market and system. He has the experience and knowledge to oversee the entire purchase process which can occasionally require renegotiations – something which, if it arises, is definitely not ideal!


So if you, or indeed your client, are looking for a riverside apartment, a village cottage in Hampstead, a house in one of the apostle streets in Wimbledon, a garden square (they’re not all in Notting Hill!), or if you want your pied à terre to be as close to Harrods as possible, then you need to have a conversation with Matt!


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Contact Details:



M: +44 79 4631 1002


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Let Matt and Astute Property Search be your ‘feet on the ground’ in the search for your ideal place, and allow them to take the strain, making the whole process of finding and purchasing that perfect property easier, smoother and perhaps even fun!



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