Supplier Database | Brand New EXCITING resource for Metier Members

After a long hard slog of data entry …..Ta Da!


Our highly-anticipated Metier Member Supplier Database is now LIVE for our Metier Members!


When we hold our Bi-monthly Brunch Events for our members, they have two obligations. One is to donate or suggest a supplier within the industry, with whom they have worked and are happy to recommend .


Metier Member Supplier Database
Living Room Designed by Metier Member Clare Weeks, founder of My-Studio

Supplier Database | Resource for Metier Members

We curated and developed this supplier database extensively over the course of several years. Subsequently this has led to a fantastic and highly-useful resource for Metier Members.


Whether you’re looking for a wallpaper installer, an electrician, an IT support technician or even a lawyer – this database is where you will find the most reliable contact and their relevant details, as recommended by our Metier Members.


Metier Member Supplier Database
Children’s Bedroom Designed by Metier Member Ursula Wesselingh, Founder of Room to Bloom

Behind the Scenes Logistics = lots and lots of data-entry & checking.

We thoroughly checked the data and info of ALL the historical supplier recommendations.  It was imperative that we have their most up-to-date contact details (and that the company is still trading!).   We have now uploaded the Supplier’s Database on to the Metier Member’s Area. For our members ease, these have been sorted into Primary and Secondary categories ….and we are so pleased to be able to share it with you.


We then undertook a Quality Control Check over the entire database to double-check all the details again. We will continue to perform these checks regularly moving forward. It is important to ensure that we are providing Members with the most reliable information.


Metier Member Supplier Database
Living Room Designed by Metier Member Sarah Latham, co-founder of Etons of Bath


Metier Rendezvous are so excited to now have over 1000 reliable suppliers, with 1300+ recommendations (where multiple designers have recommended a single supplier). This database will continue to grow and flourish in the future and hopefully become a first port-of-call for Metier Members seeking a supplier!



If you are interested in becoming part of our friendly community of Interior Designers and wish to gain access to our enormous Supplier Database, please do get in touch to apply for membership!