Enhance Your Productivity | Metier Workshop highlighting Trello for Interior Designers

Find out how our Metier Workshop on how to Enhance your Productivity, will help Interior Designers get organised.


We are delighted with the incredible success and positive feedback from the Metier Workshop | Enhance your Productivity in April 2017. (Where has the year gone?!)  Therefore, we decided to hold two further Trello workshops. These will take place on Friday 13 October and Friday 17 November 2017.

Metier Workshop | Enhance your Productivity
Métier Workshop | Enhancing your Productivity

How is your multi-tasking?

Fellow solopreneurs in the Interior Design industry will know how tough it can be to manage your time, run numerous projects and enhance your productivity (all whilst maintaining your sanity!), so we are here to help you with our useful, informative and hands-on workshop.


Our Enhance your Productivity with Trello Workshop is led by Francesca Geens (an expert in productivity consultancy) and Metier Rendezvous founder Siobhan Casey. We have designed this workshop to help you think about how to best manage your Interior Design projects. Utilising Trello, will help you with your seemingly never-ending workload.  We use Trello daily and truly believe that this easy (and free) software, is a tool sent down from the Gods!

Metier Workshop | Enhance your Productivity


Feedback from Workshop Attendees

Here are some quotes from Metier Members about what they’ve learnt and implemented in their Interior Design businesses since the previous workshop:

“I’ve been using Trello to plan and manage all stages of my work projects and business admin.”

“Ditch the notepads! I plan to use Trello as the core repository and time management tool in the business.”

Francesca Geens, owner of Digital Dragonfly, a productivity consultancy firm, is interested in how productivity and technology intersect to help people achieve their maximum potential. Francesca believes that the correct tools, combined with the best productivity techniques are a powerful combination.  Used in the correct way, this is ideal to help business owners achieve more, whatever this might mean to them.

Metier Workshop | Enhance your Productivity


We recently spoke with the lovely Francesca about why Trello is such a useful tool for interior designers:


How will using Trello help those in the Interior design industry achieve more?

There are several features on Trello that can help a designer achieve more. This will allow you do the following tasks, simultaneously:

• Track projects, clients, prospects
• Stay on top of all tasks
• Share tasks and projects with a team
• Feel less overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on your plate

Metier Workshop | Enhance your Productivity

How can I, as an Interior Designer, get the most out of Trello’s features?

There are so many features in Trello, therefore, it can be hard to get a sense of which ones will work best for you. Many designers are unclear as to how to get Trello configured in a way that works for their business.  Luckily that’s why I’m here to help!

The workshop is led by both myself, a Productivity / Tech expert and an Interior Designer, Siobhan Casey of Casey & Fox so that we can drill down into how to set up Trello for an Interior Design business. With just other Interior Designers in the room you’ll be able to share experiences, ideas and best-practice. This experience is ideal for like-minded business owners. You will also get access to the exact Trello template that Siobhan uses to manage her client projects in Trello. You’ll get a chance to customise this or build your own template.


Is it worth upgrading to Trello Business Class account for my business?

Most people are fine on the free version. Trello is free, flexible, visual and available on all platforms. This therefore means you can have your business at your fingertips. Trello is also available on desktops, tablets and smartphones so accessible from any device. In the workshop we’ll also look at the paid features which might be useful for you. You can then decide if/when it is worth upgrading later on.

Metier Workshop | Enhance your Productivity

What do you believe is the key benefit that Designers will take away from the Trello Productivity Workshop?

Designers are sure to see a difference in their productivity levels. Therefore, they will begin to feel in control of their workload and projects. Designers will also have a realistic sense of just how much they will be able to achieve with their workload. Having a trusted system in place to help manage their client projects and business tasks will result in clarity and peace of mind.

In the Trello Workshops, we especially want to help you to feel in control of your bulging To-Do list. You will get clarity on how to structure and organise your workload and juggle your projects without losing track of even the smallest task and simplify your workflows. We will assist you, in this workshop, in thinking about HOW you plan your day-to-day workload tasks. Therefore, this will enable you, the designer, to continue to run and grow your business, as well as simultaneously planning your design projects!

Metier Workshop | Enhance your Productivity

Whats the typical run through of the workshop on the day?

Our Trello workshops for Interior Designers, are perfectly designed to be small, informative and hands-on. This enables our Interior Designer attendees to focus and plenty of time for discussion.  Here at Metier Rendezvous, we think that it’s incredibly important for our Workshop Attendees to have the opportunity to share their own personal experiences, and business challenges with other like-minded individuals. After all, we are all in the same boat!


This workshop starts with Trello basics, all the way into the most advanced features in just one day. This means that all the examples and issues raised are real-life examples from the design world and are therefore relatable for all of Interior designers.


Consequently, whether you’ve never heard of Trello or are already a keen user, or if you are an Interior Designer looking to become more organised with your Interior Design business and your project planning – these workshops are for you!


Trello Workshop places are limited and selling out fast, so please do get in touch if you would like to be added to the waitlist for the next one!