How to Write Perfect Blogs – 3 Brand NEW Workshops for Interior Designers!

‘Blogs are the new business card.’ (Huffpost 2014)

I cannot lay claim to that title – I read it in the Huffpost (2014) and it perfectly sums up the value of blogs to small businesses.

As Interior Designers, we’ve all read blogs, we’ve probably all been told we should write blogs (you know me, I love a blog and have always written one). But why write one?


To blog or not to blog… that is the question!


Apparently, only 1% of internet users actually create new content for the web, and the other 99% read or view it. So, by writing a blog, it already sets you apart from the majority.

Blogging is incredibly valuable for Interior Designers both personally and professionally. You can tell your story your way (be your own PR Department) as well as attracting a wider audience.  Blogs can be used in a variety of ways, but the single thing to keep in mind is that they always give something of value to your reader without asking for anything in return (except perhaps a ‘Like’ or a ‘Comment’ but all no obligation).


But first, let’s bust the myth that you have to be an outstanding wordsmith – you don’t.  You don’t need to be an incredible writer.  Blogposts should allow your reader to hear your voice – they should bring a personal perspective to the subjects you choose to write about.  The best blog posts are written in an informal and chatty style to enable that ‘real’ connection to be made in the ‘virtual’ world.  If it helps, just imagine you sat with a friend chatting and let your writing flow.


So what do you need?

Passion and ideas!  If you write about subjects that are important to you and that you are genuinely interested in, but equally relevant to your audience, the words for your blogs will come easily. Choose blog topics that are meaningful to you – that you want to share, explore, or find out more about.


Blogs are a shop window for YOU and your Interior Design business:

Clever and engaging blog posts give you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, expertise and skills.  New design projects, products and ideas can be shared, engaging your audience.  Links with industry suppliers can be cultivated, new leads for both parties generated.  Blogs should be part of your business development, forming a strand of your marketing strategy.  You can promote events you are running or participating in, deals you are offering, and even provide case study evidence of the types of projects you have completed.


The simple process of writing things down can often help you formulate ideas, work through a problem or organise your thoughts.  Blogs build communities and strong and valuable connections can be made as areas of common ground are discovered – remember you are writing for like-minded people, ideally your niche demographic of quintessential clients.


In an ideal world, your readers will comment on your blog, sharing their opinions, thoughts and experiences, and in this way, it becomes a two-way interaction with a learning and ‘teaching’ opportunity.  We all have lessons we have learned along the way – what better way to share them and help others gain benefit from them.


 So, what are you waiting for? 


Grab a blank piece of paper and scribble down 6 ideas or topics that you would love to write about.




Check out our 3 one hour workshops (16th, 23rd and 30th March) that will steer you in the right direction – we will show you how to generate ideas, write engaging posts and widen your audience, as well as then how to monetize your blogs.

Workshop 1 – How to write perfect blogs (even as a beginner!)

18.00 – 19.00pm | Tuesday 16 March 2021

Learn how to create a blog that will transform your interior design business, create a thriving online community of loyal fans, and turn those fans into paying customers.

Maybe you are new to blog writing and you’ve heard it’s something you ‘should’ be doing, but you have no idea how it can work for your interior design business. Or you started a blog some time ago, but it happens to so many of us, became too busy to continue it.


In this 1 hour webinar for Blog Beginners, you will learn:

– How to write engaging content

– The writing hacks that will unlock the door to your ideal customers

– How to monetise your blog



Workshop 2 – Blog post ideas generator session

18.00 – 19.00pm | Tuesday 23 March 2021

You know you need to start writing a blog, but there are several things holding you back:

– You have no idea what the heck to write about
– You wrote some blog posts some time ago, however Covid and the lack of design exhibitions to inspire you, you have run out of ideas
– You are worried once you start a blog, you will run out of things to say

NEVER run out of ideas for your interiors blog again!

In this 1 hour webinar for bloggers with mid-level experience, Louisa and I will be showing you our secret sources to a never-ending supply of interior design blog post ideas.

We will also use a unique blog post subject line generator tool, which each participant will use to leave the session with a ton of blog post ideas that will:

– Establish you as the expert in your interiors niche
– Convert loyal fans into new leads and paying clients
– Help you solve your ideal clients’ biggest problems



Workshop 3 – How to double your blog traffic in 30 days

18.00 – 19.00pm | Tuesday 30 March 2021

So you have a blog. What now?

In this 1 hour session for experienced bloggers, we will take you through the many ways to get your beautiful blog posts in front of the eyes of your ideal design clients. We will also show you how to get traction, build your audience and get to the first page of Google.

– Get discovered by paying customers
– Keep them coming back for more
– Climb the Google rankings with just a few simple tweaks to your blog posts




Bronze & Silver & Gold Members

£35.00 + VAT per workshop … or … £95.00 + VAT for ALL 3 workshops.



£48.00 + VAT per workshop … or … £120.00 + VAT for ALL 3 workshops.


NB NOTE: You can SAVE £££ and register for ALL 3 workshops, via any of the links above. 



  • The workshop will be run via Zoom Webinar.
  • All attendees will be friendly fellow Interior Designers, providing peer review and support.
  • Attendees are limited to 10, to enable fruitful discussions and queries.
  • The Zoom Webinar will be recorded and shared with the attendees.
  • You will be guided throughout by myself Siobhan Casey (Interior Designer and blogger of several years) and the lovely Louisa Wheeler from Ilona Design.


Trying to make our voices heard in this digital world is an ongoing battle for us designers, so I’m really excited to be bringing you our combined experiences to this workshop, so we can tackle this industry-specific challenge.


Your Interior Design business is worth this investment! 

So take action, and REGISTER HERE to Book Your Place!